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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Watch ‘The Monster Experiment’ play

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week (Feb 1st-7th) and to show our support we are delighted to give you exclusive FREE access to The Monster Experiment interactive play. The 30 min play is full of fun, slapstick, songs, tools and exercises to help your child manage their anxiety, fear and angry monsters during these difficult times. 

“The Monster Experiment” was written by Marneta Viegas, creator of Relax Kids, and adapted for live performance and screen by Gillian Fitzsimmons and Katy Huckfield with the invaluable help and enthusiasm of our film “crew” Gordon Sutton.

We wanted to bring this little movie to children as quickly as we could, because our live performances in schools were cut short, and we had limited time and resources and were operating under Covid restrictions. 

To get access, email gillian@r-kids-productions.org at The Monster Experiment HQ and we will send you the exclusive link.