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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Once upon a time...

There was a creative little girl who dreamt every night of a world where children were calm and peaceful.

Every day she went to work as a fairy clown and entertained children but she knew she could do something more.

So she wished upon a star and set up Relax Kids. She had no idea that one day her little idea would spread and be used by children all over the world.

The story behind Relax Kids

Relax Kids was created by Marneta in 2000 who had been a children’s entertainer since 1992. Having noticed a change in children’s behaviour, she felt meditation and relaxation would help their concentration and focus. Her aim was to make meditation easy and accessible to children.

Marneta wrote her first book Aladdin’s Magic Carpet where she turned fairytales into meditations allowing children to go on imaginative adventures in their mind to help them relax. She also developed (from her years of performing arts experience) a pioneering system to teach relaxation and self-awareness to children using a unique 7-step system – Move, Play, Stretch, Feel, Breathe, Believe and Relax.

Relax Kids was featured on Dragons’ Den in 2005 and although it did not get funding, went on to train a tribe of over 5,000 dedicated coaches running classes in over 48 countries and is used by over a million children.

As Relax Kids has grown, it has aimed to keep the core values of inclusivity, positivity and creativity at its heart, where the main focus has been supporting young people’s wellbeing.

Our History

From idea to development and expansion.