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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Marneta Viegas

Queen of Creativity

I have never had a job and set up Relax Kids a decade after running my clowning business in the 90s.

I had no idea when I came up with the idea of relaxing children that it would be so mainstream and so vital.

Creativity is the driving force in my life and all my work. Every time I swim or shower, ideas come to me.

I love being able to support young people and their families through Relax Kids and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do this precious work. I love coming up with new ways to support our families with activities such as our daily meditation group, monthly affirmation disco and interviews with experts in the field of mental health.

I’m so grateful to the Relax Kids team, all those who helped along the way and all the incredible coaches for helping make Relax Kids the magical and special business that it is.

I am particularly excited about my new project for women ‘Ignite Your Creative Spark Club’. If you are interested in finding out how to bring the magic of creativity into your life, please get in touch.

Sarah Adams

Jack of All Trades

Master of some.

I make sure the office is running smoothly and that our customers and coaches are looked after. 

Loving the adventure at Relax Kids, never a dull day with The Queen of Creativity keeping us busy, the Maker of Tea keeping us fed and watered and the Chief Biscuit Dunker keeping us organised (don’t tell her I hate dunking biscuits). 

If you have a question just send it my way!

And in other news, I like being creative, anything arty and crafty. Oh, and I absolutely love watching rugby – especially Wales! 

Amber Sutton

Maker of Tea

I am the designer here at Relax Kids and make all your magical products and resources.

I first discovered Relax Kids in 2013 and just love bringing Marneta’s visions to life, as well as, contributing to the ideas factory.

My hobbies include swimming, hula
hooping, going on cruises and looking after my tiny dogs. I am always making tea in the office and very much enjoy a slice of cake.

Ronnie Barker

Chief of Mindfulness and Main Model

I am the main attraction and celebrity on RKTV Relax Kids Live videos.

Although I do suffer with anxiety, I am extremely good at relaxing, especially on my heated blanket.

My main role is to provide light relief, mindful walks and brain breaks.

Danielle Crossingham

Chief Biscuit Dunker

I am the training co-ordinator for Relax Kids. I arrange and book all the face to face training dates and locations from the UK all the way to Australia. 

I will be your main point of call when booking one of our training packages. I am here to help and guide you through your training journey. 

I absolutely love working for Relax Kids, we have 
such a lovely, close team. 

I have two daughters and use the Relax Kids products with them, especially my youngest. We quite often go on an adventure before bed with the Dream Machine book.

I love to go for long walks with my Dalmatian who is
a year old, we are often up and out early to
catch the sun rising.