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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Top Marks

Larna-Mai reviewed our Concentration CD

Say hello to the lovely Larna-Mai, aged 7, who is our latest Official Relax Kids Reviewer.  She was eager to receive the https://relaxkids.com/product/concentration/  and could not wait to give it a listen.

“I love this CD because it makes me feel calm”, Larna-Mai told us. The album is designed to help children relax and focus. 

“I love track number five, the peace button”, she said.

“I think this CD is good for people who feel anxious”, she said.

Activities such as progressive muscle relaxation, visual imagery, positive affirmations and breathing techniques have been used to help reduce hyperactivity and lack of concentration in children.

Larna-Mai proudly said, “I give it a 10/10”.

You can browse our range of CDs https://relaxkids.com/store/product-category/cds/