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The power of gratitude

Being grateful can help us feel happy and healthy

Did you know that being grateful and noticing the wonderful things in our life rather than complaining about the bad can really help us feel positive as we release endorphins.

How about starting a Gratitude Diary? You could write down or take pictures of all the things you are grateful for that day. After a few days you will start to feel wonderful. I have been doing this for a few months now and it feels amazing. This is a lovely activity for a family or class.

Here are some things to be grateful for

1 Life

2 Health

3 Family

4 Friends

5 Food

6 Sunshine

7 Water

8 Nature

9 Birdsong

10 Hugs

11 Happy Home

12 Animals and Pets

13 Music

14 Holidays

15 Flowers

16 Sleep and relaxation

Can you add anymore?