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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Press Here – Pressure points for instant simple self-care

Our minds are amazing – our brain and body are constantly sending messages to each other through a miraculous energy pathway system. When we press the buttons ore pressure points in our body, it helps keep the energy flowing and so helps us feel keeps all the systems functioning well. 

There is an energy button for every occasion. There is one to help you feel calm, another to help you feel happy and another to help get you out of bed and feel motivated. Learning where your energy buttons are and which ones to press to build ore reduce energy will help you feel more balanced and healthy.

Pressing your energy buttons can help you have a clear mind, regulate your emotions, manage situations, boost your immune system and recharge your mental and physical energy.

You can use these buttons to help you manage your feelings and change your mood to help you feel more balanced.

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