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How to teach children meditation and mindfulness

Simple meditation and mindfulness tips

Meditation and relaxation should be top of the school priority list as no child can learn, memorise and concentrate when they are not relaxed and calm.

It is now so important for children to take time out and use their minds without any external stimulation. Regular meditation breaks help children focus, stay calm and give them skills that help them cope with life.

There are many simple ways to introduce a few minutes of meditation into a school or home routine. Once children are used to it, they will grow to love their daily meditation and will want to spend longer enjoying the quiet.

Here are some tips to help you introduce meditation to children.

1. Encourage children but make sure they want to to it. If they are not willing, just let them sit out and listen.

2. Make sure you remain calm and relaxed so modeling good practice.

3. Start with just a minute and let children relax and focus and notice how that feels.

4. Build up the time until they are able to meditate and relax for longer.

5. Keep your tone relaxed and easy so children feel at ease.

6. Read out a simple meditation script and allow pauses in between sentences to help children enjoy silence.

7. As children become more used to the quiet, allow them to sit in silence or with music and give them a positive word to focus on.

8. Ask children to close their eyes and focus on a calming scene and sit there for a few minutes focussing on that.

9. Use a chime or signal so children know when to start and end their few minutes of silence.

10. Don’t expect too much to start with as it takes children some time to get used to the idea of sitting alone and quiet.

Most of all keep it fun and enjoyable so children want to spend time relaxing and learning to meditate.

Relax Kids books and CDs have been created specially to introduce children to meditation in a simple and enjoyable way.