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How To Bring More Mindfulness To Your Home

There are a number of ways you can introduce relaxation and mindfulness into your home, one way can be through introducing a routine of relaxation – this can then bring a wealth of benefits for you and your child.

Mornings are often the most stressful time of the day, you are juggling getting yourself ready, whilst also trying your hardest to get your child ready for school, nobody enjoys the stress of the school run.

Try to take just two minutes in the morning to introduce some simple forms of relaxation, it will help set your child on the right track, for a relaxed and positive day. Why not try one of the activities below?

Waking – When they wake up, ask them to lay very still and think about all the wonderful things they want to do that day.

Morning relax – try a Relax Kids track from one of our CDs for a short relaxation.

Stretch – stretching up and back will help clear away any cobwebs from their sleep and give them an energy boost.

Shower power – when the children take a shower, ask them to imagine the water is washing away all their strength and anxiety.

Pick a card – Try the Relax Kids Star Cards or Moods Cards or download some printable cards from our website. Children can choose a card to give them a positive focus for the day.

Breathe – take in a deep breath into the tummy and breath out slowly. This is a simple exercise that can be done on the way to school, in the car or when walking.

Mindful walking – if you walk to school, try a spot of mindful walking. Ask your child to notice everything as they walk, notice the sights and the sounds.

After school can also be a tough period, the children may feel drained after a long day at school, or they may need something to occupy their minds before they start to drive you up the wall. Try any of these activities below to help the situation.

Stretch – bending forward (sitting on the floor or standing) helps aid relaxation. Try this for a few moments.

Chat – ask children how their day went. Talk about their stresses and worries. They could put their worries in a worry box or write or draw to get their anxiety out. You could discuss how they used their Star Card.

Time Out – Take some time out, not as a punishment, but to take a brain break after school. Let them relax on the sofa and listen to some music or enjoy a shoulder or hand rub. You might like to play one of the Relax Kids CDs here.

Finish off the day with a nice relaxation session to ensure your child sleeps well. You can read from one of the Relax Kids books or play a CD. Let your child get into a comfortable position as they sink into the bed and relax for a blissful nights sleep.

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