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How to be happy

How to be happy – stay positive!

There is nothing more refreshing than being with a positive person and nothing more draining than being with someone who constantly moans that their glass is half empty. Positivity is attractive and infectious. Each day, we are met with challenges and situations that can either bring us down or help us step towards being positive. We can wake up feeling less than positive, but just this can be turned around in a short time by our attitude, thoughts and words. There has been some research in Harvard and Yale showing that when we have a positive thought, there is a biological change in the body as we release endorphins which make us feel better.

Here are some tips to help make each day a positive one. You may like to encourage your children to do one or two of these activities to help them grow up feeling positive and happy.

1 Say thank you

Make a list of all the things in your life that you appreciate. Consciously look out for the small things in life makes you appreciate life and living. It will help put troubles into context.

2 Write positive affirmations

You may like to write positive affirmations on post it notes and put them around the house to remind you to. You could also put them in a notebook and add to the notebook each day.

3 Write a love letter

There is nothing better than receiving a love letter. Don’t wait for Valentines Day. Write a letter to yourself and remind yourself of your specialness.

4 Read positive news

As much as possible, try to surround yourself with positivity and listen to things that are positive. If you need to catch up with the news, counteract it with listening to some uplifting music, read a poem or enjoy a joke…anything that can help you keep your mood up.

5 Do good

One of the best ways to feel positive is to give your time, energy and money away to a good cause. Do something that makes you feel valuable and worthwhile, knowing that you are making a difference.

6 Smile

Even if you don’t feel like it, remember to smile. You can trick your mind into feeling better if you smile. It will also make you look younger and more attractive.

7 Spring clean

There is better feeling after you have given the house or room a good spring clean. It clears away all the cobwebs inside and out and seems to help reduce negative thoughts. Even if it is the last thing you feel like doing, try just 15 mins cleaning and see how much better you feel.

8 Believe in yourself

Build yourself up with self confidence and start to believe in yourself and others will start to believe in you.

9 Before sleep

Before you sleep list all the things you were pleased about today and write what you are looking forward to tomorrow.

10 Little steps

Each day commit to 2 things that you can do each day that are good for your body and/or your mind. It might be committing to drinking 2 litres of water or getting your 5 a day or going for a walk. Whatever it is commit to it and promise yourself you will do it without fail for at least a month.