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Help my child has low self esteem

Boost your child’s confidence

The concept around d self esteem can be upsetting for parents and peers of someone who is suffering with low self esteem. You can see their potential, everyone around you can see their potential. But they feel worthless and inadequate.

Emotions that we have can be generally categorised as positive or negative – however, we need to listen to both types of emotion with equal importance. When we do that, we can see our negative emotions develop into positive ones.

Low self esteem may be a reaction to school anxieties, a feeling of self worth, feeling “different”, competition with others, rejection or personal insecurity. It can be enhanced by being pressured into doing something that takes them out of their comfort zone. Forcing someone to complete an activity that intimidates them may enhance feelings of low self esteem.

Symptoms may include:

* A need to fit in

* Comparisons with others

* Negative phrasing about themselves

* Lack of friends

* Hiding away

* Lack of opinion

* Restlessness

* Dipped head

* Slumped shoulders

* Anxious thoughts

* Little smiling / laughter

* Fear of social situations

Quick Start Problem Solver?

Low self esteem can be expressed and channelled positively. Here are 3 quick tips from the team at Relax Kids, to help your situation with immediate effect.

Confide; Tell your child about your own insecurities. Ensure that they do not feel alone and help them understand that noone is perfect. We all have to learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

Photo; Give them a photo of them on a day where they look really happy / or of their happy place by their bedside, so that they have a visual image that they can refer to when they feel low. This image can go with them wherever they are. This is their happy place. This technique is often used with adults to put spring in their step.

Compliment; Every day! At first, they may find this irritating and laugh with disbelief, but be genuine and tell them a nice thing from the heart. If you find this embarrassing, then you could say that a friend of yours had commented on how much they like their hair for example.

Case Study

Child A was suffering from low self esteem. Even though they were too young to do so, they had access to social networking sites and this had enhanced issues with the way they look. The child wore glasses and insisted that noone else did and used the social networking site as an example. The child’s parents became concerned and intervened. They decided to use simple self esteem enhancing techniques from the Relax Kids Self Esteem kit. After 3 weeks of use every morning, the child was more confident, happy and was sporting those glasses with pride.

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