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Does your child go to school with a superpower?

This is a great way to instill confidence and positivity in your child’s daily life.  Send them off to school with a Super Power!

At the beginning of the day as they are getting ready or sitting down for breakfast, ask them what super power they would like to help them get through the day.

Here are some suggestions:

. Happiness

. Peace

. Confidence

. Courage

. Kindness

Give them an imaginary coat of that super power and let them feel protected and surrounded by it. They could breathe in deeply 3 times and let that super power fill every part of them.

Tell them to use the power when they need it in the day.

At the end of the day, ask them how they used their super power and if they needed to use it or if it helped them manage problems.

My https://relaxkids.com/store/affirmation-cards/star-cards/ are great for giving you some Super Power ideas. There are 52 of them.

You could even let them keep a diary of superpowers so they can collect the whole set. They could get a sticker https://relaxkids.com/store/stickers/star-stickers/ for each power.

Please do let me know how your children get on with this simple super power idea.