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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

CD for Nature Lovers

Getting back to nature has become one of our lockdown silver linings as we all value how important being close to nature is. Forest bathing, cloud watching and wild swimming is all on the rise. 

When we are in nature, we breathe better, we feel better and think better. As our body and minds do not know the difference between being in nature, children can now get all the healthy benefits without even needing to put on their coats! 

Bring all the benefits of being in nature, straight to their bedroom. 

As our body and minds do not know the difference between being in nature or imagining being there, children can get an endorphin kick and immunity boost. 

Nature was one of our most popular CDs and it has been out of stock for a few year. 

We have given it a make over with beautiful new music and a new cover and will be releasing our Limited Edition Nature CD.

The CD includes 16 calming nature relaxation that help soothe anxieties and calm the nerves. 
Examples include: lying in the soft grass, sitting in a peaceful cave and flying like a bird. These relaxations aim to develop confidence and creativity. 

This CD is designed to engage children while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques.

Nature is good for our health and this nature CD is good for our mental health.

Here are a few testimonials from Nature CD lovers:
We have thoroughly enjoyed the Nature meditations CD. I have been recommending it to all parents I know – Parent

My 10 year old son was finding it difficult to get to sleep and was often still awake at midnight. After success with the Nature meditations CD, we now have 2 more and Jack really enjoys picking which one to listen to and choosing which track to start on. Each night is a new meditation adventure for him instead of being a nightmare – Parent

I am a teacher and bought this cd to use for relaxation after PE lessons. The children are in reception and it is an excellent resource – Teacher

Buy your CD here: NATURE CD