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Join us for our monthly themed online class run by one of our Relax Kids coaches!

Join us for a fun and relaxing hour where your child will learn wellbeing tools to help them feel more calm and happy.
Relax Kids classes use research-based techniques to help children recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life. These techniques provide a toolbox of skills which can be transferred into later life.
Relax Kids is a pioneering 7-step Award-winning* 
whole-brain holistic approach, using fun and creative techniques to help children feel happier and healthier.

* Relax Kids system was used in a CAMHS project that won the 2011 UK Nursing Standards Award 
(Mental Health Category)

Relax Kids classes can help improve:

  • Concentration and memory retention
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop resilience
  • Manage Stress and anxiety 
  • Improve listening skills and focus
  • Develop self-awareness and the ability to 
  • Encourage imagination and creativity
  • Feel calm and relaxed
  • Improve sleep

Our unique 7 step system

Our Online Classes include:

  • Movement and games 
  • Stretching exercises 
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Self/peer massage
  • Affirmations and positive self-talk
  • Relaxation



*Class Themes: Confidence Bootcamp, Wellbeing Warriors, Superheroes, Monster Adventures, Magical Garden Adventures, Intergalactic Adventures, Extraordinary Earth Adventures, Amazing Animal Adventures and more…

4 Week Confidence Bootcamp
4 Fridays

15th September
22nd September
29th September

6th October

4pm (UK Time)


£20.00 per household for the 4 weeks (only available prior to first week)

£6 per household for individual weeks