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The Versatility of Relax Kids 

Learn how Relax Kids meets the needs of everybody…

One of the wonderful things about the Relax Kids programme is how it can be adapted to suit different ages, groups and needs.

One of our coaches in Bury, Aislinn Marek, has been using the programme in a number of different ways. She offers ‘Little Stars’ classes, for pre-schoolers, in private nurseries as well as a community class. The sessions tend to be shorter than regular Relax Kids classes, due to the age of the children, but the 7-steps are still followed, and the children love the fun-filled classes. Parents or nursery staff are encouraged to join in and learn valuable skills to support the children in their day to day routines.

Aislinn also delivers ‘Magical Adventures’ classes for primary school aged children. She delivers these classes in schools as after-school curricula in community venues. One local studio, which offers pilates, Nia dance and yoga was keen to add something for children to their timetable, and Aislinn has now been delivering Relax Kids sessions there for over a year now. One school Aislinn works in have used their Sports Premium money to fund weekly classes. So far, Years 5 and 6 have benefitted from six-session each.

Where it’s not possible for children to attend group sessions, Aislinn offers 1:1 sessions, usually within the child’s home. These sessions can be adapted to suit the child’s needs and interests.

And the classes aren’t just for children. Aislinn has used the Relax Kids steps and, as many of our coaches do, adapted them to use with adults. Aislinn offers sessions to the school and nursery staff that she works with, as she firmly believes that they should have an understanding of the classes and the benefits, and experience it for themselves. Aislinn also runs a regular community class, ‘Just Relax’; a four-week relaxation programme for adults to experience different ways of truly switching off from their busy lives.

You can find out more about our classes at – https://relaxkids.com/find-a-coach/

For more information on the classes Aislinn runs in Bury, please do visit her website: https://www.thecalmwithin.co.uk