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Help! My child won’t sleep

Some children may experience nightmares, sleep walking, night terrors or bedwetting. Others may simply be awake for hours on end – this can then lead to them being stressed or upset about the fact they cannot sleep. It is a vicious circle.

A bad night’s sleep can stem from anxiety and worry, stress, school pressure, peer pressure and an overactive mind. Other contributory factors include: a lack of routine, excessive access to technology, fizzy drinks, sugary foods, late night sport and a lack of downtime.

Feelings of restlessness are NORMAL and experienced by EVERYONE – especially during this difficult time.

Symptoms may include:

• Feeling uncomfortable

• Fidgeting

• Nightmares

• Sleeping in the daytime

• Night Terrors

• Busy Mind

• Tossing and turning at night

• Ears ringing

• Fever

• Nightmares/terrors

• Bedwetting

3 Quick Tips to help your child sleep

Routine – Try and keep your routine structured, no matter what day of the week / what season it is / whether it is school or the 6 week summer holiday. That way, their bodies will be used to being up at a certain time and to having a certain amount of rest. The same applies with bedtime.

Worry Dolls – A technique that is used in South America, is to tell a worry doll your thoughts before bed, so that you have a clear mind, when you try to go to sleep.

Robot – Get your child to imagine they have a robot body. 

Read this to them…

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine that you are a robot. Your whole body is made of metal. The lights on your arms and legs and stomach are flashing brightly. The robot also makes all sorts of beeping and bleeping noises. It is a very noisy robot. 

Now you are going to see if you can switch the robot off and make every part of your body completely still. Start with your right leg – bring all your attention to your right leg and turn off the switch. Your right leg becomes totally still. 

Case Study:

Thomas, aged 5 was constantly getting up in the middle of the night and in turn, waking Mum and Dad up. The reasons behind this would differ between “I can’t sleep”  to “there’s something under the bed”. After a few simple relaxation exercises every evening before bed, he went to sleep in a lighter, less intense mood.

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