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“I want my child to feel safe, secure and happy”


FREE Wellbeing Pack

Support for Children, at home and in school

Does your child worry, feel fearful or overwhelmed?

Do they have trouble concentrating or sleeping?

Do they need support managing difficult emotions?

You will get:

Exercises for better sleep

Activities to increase resilience and confidence

Exercises to reduce anxiety and worry

Affirmations to build self-esteem

Emotional Emergency Toolkit

Breathing exercises for emotional regulation

Nature Exercises

Visualisations to read at bedtime

Kids corner activities


Join the 21 days to calm challenge

Each day we will send you a short 1-2 min video with a quick exercise to add to your child’s mental health toolkit to help them manage their anxiety and help them feel more calm, confident and in control.

Grab your BIG Wellbeing Pack here:

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