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Go on a mindfulness walk this half term

Half-term is a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. We think mindfulness walks are a fantastic way to get out an about together, enjoy nature, and incorporate relaxation along the way.

Relaxation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting still as many people would believe, it is also about relaxing your mind. A mindfulness walk will help you forget about whatever stresses or worries you have, still your mind, and focus on yourself in the present.

Try and find a nice nature trail or go to the countryside for your mindfulness walk. Here’s what to do:

1. As you walk, become aware of your breathing. Continue to breathe in and out steadily.

2. Be aware of how your feet touch the ground. Notice what part of your foot touches the ground first and how it feels as it touches and leaves the ground.

3. Become aware of your legs and hips as you move. Do you feel any tension?

4. Become aware of your arms swinging as you walk.

5. Notice how the air feels against your skin.

6. Be aware of the colours and shapes around you.

7. Become aware of the smells around you as you walk.

8. Continue to be aware of your breathing and every sensation in your body as you walk.

What if it’s raining?

As we head toward spring, rain showers are making a frequent appearance. Why not make a den in your living room and cosy up and listen to the Nature Meditations CD together? Tracks include: lying in soft grass, standing on top of a mountain, and sunset.

Research has shown that visualising nature settings can have the same positive effect as actually physically visiting nature.

You can purchase the Nature CD or MP3 from our online store.

If you are new to Relax Kids products, why not download our FREE Wellbeing pack? Filled with great activities for all the family to do this half term. Download it here.