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3 Ways to Counteract Feeling Zoomed Out

Years and years ago, we sat, as families and communities around the blazing orange camp fire each night telling stories, jokes, sharing ideas and going over each day.

We felt connected.

But our modern day campfire has turned into a blue light.

Each night we sit around our digital camp fires (some separate, some together) and watch stories and laugh and are entertained, but despite connection to the worldwide we just don’t have that feeling of deep connection.

Added to this disconnect, we know, the blue light at night can have a damaging affect on our sleep and health, so exacerbating the problem.

And now, we all feel rather zoomed and videoed out.

Here are 3 things we can do to help get ourselves and our families back to feeling calm and connected again.

Nature, Nurture and Nourishment.

Nature – helps us feel more connected because we are nature. Walking, scavenger hunts, appreciating being in nature, breathing in fresh air, blowing on dandelions, getting exercise outside, sun rays and looking at greens and blues is all so so good for your child’s brain. This doesn’t have to be big expensive days out – just a little more time in garden, your local park or town walks appreciating the nature peeking through pavements. Spend as much time outside with shoes off and feel the grass or earth between your toes.

Nurture – giving your child attention, affection and lots of affirmation can literally help grow their brain and help empower them, build resilience. In our Relax Kids classes, we do lots of this to help children feel calm confident and creative.

Nourishment – nourishment through not just good food, but good thoughts, words and deeds as well as plenty of rest and relaxation.

Try one or all of the magic 3 and notice how you feel.

The Relax Kids Nature audio gives children a chance to experience nature at home.

It brings the quiet of nature inside children’s heads and is like Forest bathing for the mind that gives all the healthy benefits without even needing to put on their coats!

The Nature audio includes 16 calming nature relaxation that help soothe anxieties and calm the nerves.
Examples include: lying in the soft grass, sitting in a peaceful cave and flying like a bird.

These relaxations aim to develop confidence and creativity.

The Nature audio is the ultimate endorphin kick and immunity boost. The tracks on this audio will help children feel amazing, by releasing the same positive endorphins as a trip to the sea side, while teaching them important relaxation techniques that will help them manage their emotions as they journey through life.

Try our Nature CD or Nature MP3 and go out an explore all the nature that is around you!