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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

A Monster Handbook

Get your claws on our book, ‘A Monster Handbook’

Everyone can experience horrible feelings within their body, we like to call these our monsters. Whilst adults can be more capable in dealing with their monsters, children might find it more difficult. Here at Relax Kids, we couldn’t accept that. We don’t want any children to suffer in silence and this is where the Monster Handbook comes in.

An interactive book, that is partially work based and partially activity based. It’s a toolkit to help children tame and train their monster emotions.

I like the pictures in the book, but I also like that there is space to draw your own so you can make it look like your own monster States Emily, aged 7

Written in a beautiful scrap book style, the Monster Handbook is bursting with positive exercises and actives to help children understand and work with their emotions. Each chapter covers a different feeling, such as sadness, anger, anxiety and worry, the book is written in a child like language, allowing it to be easily accessible to young families.

Its versatility allows it to be used in a number of environments, from the classroom to therapy sessions. It’s designed to be an ongoing toolkit to help children feel more in control of their emotions and feelings.

This soft back book is packed full of essential information, that every child aged between 5-9 deserves access to.

“ This book is brilliant and it can work for little kids as well as older ones. It is easy to understand and I think it will be very helpful” Added Emily.

If you feel that your monsters are getting the better of you,  you can purchase. A Monster Handbook here:  https://relaxkids.com/product/a-monster-handbook/