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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

3 Simple things your child wants and needs.

There are three things that every human being strives for in their life: Love, Peace and Happiness.

We spend our lives working hard to pay for things that we are told will make us more peaceful and happy.

At Relax Kids we believe that the only way we can experience lasting happiness and peace is by going deep inside to the core of our being which is in fact peace.

Relax Kids shows children (and adults), that these three experiences can be found inside, during the practise of being still and quiet. Children can learn to enjoy a world where they can be happy, peaceful and secure without needing the latest gadgets and designer gear.

Deep down every adult knows that the adverts are selling us false dreams of ultimate love and happiness and we fall again and again, wishing, hoping and dreaming that if we just have this car or shampoo or face cream then we will be happier and more peaceful in our lives.

Relax Kids aims to challenge this way of thinking and give the next generation the power to create their own peace, love and happiness and pass on this amazing secret to future generations.

We love teaching classes where we can teach children these three key qualities. Watching children’s faces when they experience the beauty of these simple qualities is wonderful.

One little boy said after listening to a Relax Kids CD ‘WOW everyone would say to me ‘be peaceful’ but I didn’t understand what it was. Now I can see it’s something very special.’

Another teenager remarked after relaxing and experiencing peace that ‘it was better than drugs!’ WOW!

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