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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

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Would you like your child to:
Feel more safe and secure in themselves?
Manage their emotions?
Be more calm?

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‘I really, really like the book it is very relaxing also when you read it you feel like you are on a cloud. I like the words they are lovely words, as they blend together in my mind’ – Jade aged 10

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Helping children relax to improve mental health


Its about being in tune with what’s right for you and your baby

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Helping children SHINE!

Would you like your child to feel more safe and secure in themselves?

Would you like them to feel more calm and in touch with their emotions?

Would you like your child to feel more happy and confident?

‘‘After just one session at Relax Kids, there was a noticeable change in my children’s behaviour which lasted all week.” – Richard Collings BBC

What is a Relax Kids class?

“Thank you so much for creating Relax Kids – it’s so great to have affirmative and spiritual inspiration for children that manages to be fun and appealing at the same time!” – Germaine Knight

Discover CALM

Join our magical, creative and fun classes especially designed to help your child become more resilient, calm and confident.

Your child will receive a unique toolbox of relaxation and mindful exercises to help support their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Relax Kids Award-Winning* classes help light up children from inside – where they can recognise their strengths, qualities and uniqueness.

Sending your child to a Relax Kids class is a great way to give them skills that are vital for their mental and emotional health.

Our classes are inclusive and suitable for all children including children with a variety of extra needs.

EXPLORE emotions

Your child will learn skills that they can use for life:

How to relax and improve sleep
How to self-soothe
How to increase their brain power
How to develop their self-confidence and improve their sense of self
How to regulate their moods and emotions
How to manage stress and anxiety
How to be more focussed and concentrate
How to feel more positive, mindful and happy

Relax Kids classes use a pioneering 7-step system developed over 20 years ago that works with your child’s natural energy system, taking them from a high energy to a relaxed state, bringing their nervous system into a state of deep relaxation.

“Relax Kids is the highlight of Lucy’s week. She seems to come alive. Wonderful stuff!” – Parent

“Relax kids does exactly that and my son is a happier person for it…” – Mrs Wilde

“love floating on a cloud and I feel really nice and relaxed afterwards” – Jane B Age 6

Find JOY

Classes include the following activities:

MOVE – warm up exercise for physical fun and fitness
PLAY – social games for increased sense of wellbeing and confidence
STRETCH – stretching for balance, inner strength and calm
FEEL – peer/self massage for self-awareness, empathy and respect
BREATHE – breathing exercises for focus, concentration and emotional management
BELIEVE – affirmations for self-esteem, confidence and positivity
RELAX – visualisations for deep relaxation, imagination and a sense of peace

Relax Kids classes last between 45 and 60 minutes. The programme allows your child to have fun but also learn vital skills that will help them for years to come.

Relax Kids classes are the perfect addition to other more physical activities and give your child a much needed and welcome break in their busy week.

“Kirsty and Mairi have been very excited about the classes and are very keen to continue. The magic carpet seems to be a big hit as do the bits involving lying down under blankets!” – Parent

FEEL confident

Here are some of the amazing benefits from this holistic approach:


Develops body awareness
Develops flexibility
Decreases physical tension
Helps release endorphins
Brings energy to the whole system
Helps relax muscles
Promotes general good health
Calms the nervous system
Improves co-ordination and balance
Promotes deeper sleep
Improves circulation and energy levels
Improves immune system


Stills, calms and clears the mind
Sharpens concentration
Promotes positive thinking
Decreases stress and mental tension
Improves memory retention
Listening skills


Develops self-confidence and self-esteem
Improves emotional health and literacy
Develops imagination, creativity and self-expression
Gives children tools to cope with stress and anxiety


“Can we do that again? I liked feeling like I was melting in the sunshine.” – David

Why choose Relax Kids classes?

Choose the first company to start relaxation for children in the UK
(over 20 years experience)

Choose Award-Winning* classes for your child

Choose a unique and pioneering relaxation system

Choose professional Relax Kids coaches who are Police Checked and insured.

Your child would be joining thousands of children each week and will receive handouts and certificates to support their learning.

*The Relax Kids 7-step system was used in a project that won the Nursing Standards 2011 Award (Mental Health category)

“Great fun and wonderful to watch the children’s freedom and creativity,
throughout. After the visualisation they were all yawning and ‘glassy eyed’ but their minds were alert and aware and their bodies rested.” – Primary school teacher

“My child was bouncing with confidence and enthusiasm after one session, my daughter asked when can we go back, I want to go again soon” – Kay

Please email help@relaxkids for your local coach and classes