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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Join us for an exciting, life changing, magical and creative training

Take the face to face training course at one of our training locations with one of our experienced trainers for the full Relax Kids experience. Meet new friends and embark on this journey unique together. Share ideas and create memories.

We have trained over 5000 Relax Kids coaches in over 48 countries. Each coach shares a passion to create a better world for our children by providing them the essential tools for life.

The face to face training day is delivered in a groups of up to 20 people depending on the location, to give you the ultimate training experience, allowing you plenty of time to get to know your trainer and learn the Relax Kids method.

On the training day you will receive your Relax Kids manual which will be your toolkit for life.

The programme is amazing and very easy to understand and relate to. And our trainer was fantastic. Made me feel individual but part of something wonderful. Loved it!

A typical training day schedule

Face to Face Training Days are from 9am to 5pm


Overview of the day ahead
Sample class
Aims and Benefits
Theory behind Relax Kids
The Brain


The Seven Step programme:


Recap of the day
Feedback and Evaluation

What people say about our training days

“I’m one of the lucky people who experienced the Relax Kids training this weekend. If anyone is in two minds, you should definitely just do it!! I genuinely could have stayed to do more as I was enjoying it so much. I feel like we learned a huge amount in a way that made it so simple and easy. I can’t wait to get started … I just need to decide whether I need a write a list or to just book a room.” – Rachel

“The Relax Kids training has given me so much. I was instantly welcomed into a community, a family of like minded experienced people, with a shared ethos of commitment to the wellbeing of children. I now have a passion to make life better for me and my family.” -Sophia

“What an absolute smasher of a day! I haven’t laughed as much or felt so relaxed in long time. Feels fantastic to be part of something so inspirational!” – Kate

“ And so this new journey begins!!!! it’s been a mind blowing & amazing day.” – Hayley

“ The best training I’ve ever done… and the loveliest bunch of ladies. Hope to see you all again in the future. ” – Helen

“Relax Kids New York City training was such a heart opener! Hearing educators say that they feel empowered, inspired, included, creative again, connected and safe to be teachers is truly priceless & I feel so humble and lucky to witness it all. ..And it’s about translating that compassion and love into action in the real world.”
– Shinzen

“I have enjoyed the training. I am feeling very inspired and have so many ideas. It has also been such fun, almost feels self-indulgent experiencing the games as a child would. If you are thinking of doing Relax Kids training, I would say go for it. The children are the future and healthy, happy children means a healthy, happy world.” – Karen

“I attended the Relax Kids training in October. I had little knowledge of Relax Kids, but was very excited for the principles that Relax Kids stood for. I cannot stress enough what an incredible two days it had been. Truly life changing. I am so excited to get out there and change a child’s future. I am truly inspired to make a difference! Thank you everyone.” – Michele

Training day in photos

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