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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Here our are training reviews

“This training has been amazing. Since July last year I have been contemplating it. It was the best, most important training I have been on. Would highly recommend” – Relax Kids Coach

“It was such a big step signing up to do the training, especially in terms of the financial commitment. I know this is a big consideration for lots of people thinking about joining RK. But I’m so pleased I did. ! I feel really confident in my ability to move forward both in a business sense but also with a fabulous way of helping young people feel confident and emotionally resilient in an every more demanding world.”
— Ruth McGee

” Having recently turned 40 and having completed training on very diverse range of objects/topics/areas of interest, this is the only ‘training’ I have ever completed that did not feel like work at all.” – Lisa

“I’ve wanted to do the Relax Kids Training for many years, and finally I can say I’ve achieved my wish. It’s been such a wonderful and creative weekend full of Enchantment, Imagination, Fun and Laughter. I must say it went way beyond my expectation and I cant remember when I’ve had so much fun.” – Relax Kids Coach

” I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity of experiencing Relax Kids Training, and am really looking forward to a magical journey ahead. Thank You Marneta!”  -Dolores Kenny

“I think Relax Kids has enormous potential to replace the creativity, joy and love which is sometimes missing from the education system. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.” -Sarah Noonan

“Invigorating, inspirational, engaging, rewarding, exciting and essential for anybody who works with children.” -Marie Haynes

“Wow….. Simply wow! I came here with a passion for working with children and an imagination, but was not sure how to channel this into a successful business. I’m leaving with a huge smile on my face feeling fully supported and ready to shine my light!” -Cherub Sansen

Sarah Higgin
It's simply wonderful!
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I have enjoyed each step of this online training. I feel inspired and eager to put this wealth of knowledge into practice. It has already proven beneficial for my own children. I am looking forward to introducing others to relaxation and wellness in such a fun and engaging way. Love it, 5 Stars without a doubt.
Nicola Eggleton
Fantastic Course
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I really enjoyed all of the training . I’m looking forward to trying this out with the children in my school .
Jennifer Wilson
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Honestly, there are not words enough to describe how this training has changed my life, and it is only the beginning, I have been seeing a big decline in childrens mental health for a while now, especially after lockdown, I cannot wait to make some differences in childrens and families lives. The training was fun, interactive and informative. I feel confident that I can do this, laying foundations in childrens lives but also my own life. Thank you so much!
CJ Raines
Really Fantastic
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I just completed the Relax Kids online training and it was wonderful to be able to complete it at my own pace and from the comfort of my own home. As a Mum to two young children, this allowed me to fit it in when I could and now I’ve actually completed it! So inspired and excited to get going and hopefully help support the emotional well-being and mental health of children in my local area.
Rachel Day
Relax Kids Training
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Really enjoyed the course, loved all the little videos
Rachel Haynes Relax Kids Online training
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have learnt so much from this informative online training. Being able to study at my own pace as a visual learner was so important for me. The written material and video's made the learning varied and interesting. Thank-you! …….
Domonique O’Neill
Relax Kids
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I’ve just finished my online Relax Kids training course and I loved it! I can’t wait to get started and show children how to relax and self-regulate.
Gail Rooney Relax Kids Online Training
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This is training everyone should do!! It is just what the world needs right now…
Angela BarrSpreading some magic to children!
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Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed kids course. So many tools to engage, encourage and support children to be calm, believe and relax, Thank you!
Joanne Gallen
Relax Kids Online Training
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I loved this training. I found the modules very informative. They covered a lot of content and valuable information. Looking forward to bringing Relax Kids to my school.

“I found the course very interesting and it excited me with the many options and doors that it may open for me. I feel very positive and confident now.” -Jade Glynn

“Relax Kids gives children the emotional and creative nurturing they need and which is missing from our education system. I can’t wait to get going.”-Phillipa Eade

“Relax Kids is an amazing, inspiring, uplifting experience for all. It encompasses the whole being, promoting love, peace, self worth, concentration and a sense of being connected to everyone. It is structured, simple, exciting and so sparkling.” -Isla Gammack

“I found this course fantastic! I don’t think it could have been any better. I found the course inspiring and it made me think -yes I could actually do this!” -Micala Marshall

“I have found these unique products inspiring and extremely effective and the course was fantastic -this is the most amazing business ever and I really feel so excited that I can actually earn money whilst bringing a deep benefit to children.” – Lynne Nelson

“Excellent course content, full of relevant information. A very worthwhile course, full of amazing information and inspiring ideas.” -Dianne Murray

“I will complete this course feeling very excited about the prospect of using this wonderful concept. To be able to bring this to children everywhere in the stressful world we live in is amazing.” -Rebecca Kelly 

“The Relax Kids course has provided me with great tools and structure to use with my students. It’s given me more confidence in creating a safe environment for children to develop. The authenticity of the course is palpable and powerful. It’s a relief to find a company that honours children in such a wonderful way and I can’t wait to get started.” – Emma Williams

“Just done the Relax Kids Training and wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU and tell you (and others) how much I enjoyed it. Marneta is a lovely, lovely person with a pure heart, she has literally thought of everything and made it into a really comprehensive package. I would highly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in empowering children to love and accept themselves.” -Jo Potts

“A brilliant course to give the framework and exercises to really help children in today’s hustle and bustle. I cannot wait to try it out, starting with my own children.” -Georgina Turton