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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Emotional wellbeing tools sharpen concentration and bring calm and confidence to your classroom.
Relax kids offers schools a wide range  of mindfulness resources to bring calm to your classroom. We have a variety of mindfulness books filled with visualisations, relaxing audios for a moments calm and downloadable activity packs filled with activities, mental exercises and brain break to help your pupils regulate their emotions. 


Creative meditation and positive affirmations
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‘The Magic Box is a fun, easy-to-use book allowing children to access that place of calm within themselves. I thoroughly recommend it to any parent, carer or school wishing to give children a space to retreat and develop their sense of awareness.’

Helen Marsh
(Advanced Practitioner  / teacher of Personal and Social Development)

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CDs and MP3s

Relaxing audios for a moments calm

‘I am a teacher and bought this cd to use for relaxation after PE lessons. The children are in reception and it is an excellent resource’


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Emotional Support Packs and Bundles

Downloadable activity packs to help pupils regulate emotions

‘Thank you so much for the Support Packs. I have downloaded them all and am using them at home with my children. We have enjoyed going through them all. I am so pleased with the interaction we are now experiencing as a family. Thank you.’


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Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards for confidence and resilience

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‘I use these every morning in my class room. The children love choosing a card and being able to follow the positive affirmation on the back, and thinking what we can do to make this happen has been a good discussion starter’