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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Which are The Best Children’s Yoga courses in the UK?

This is something that people often ask us and so we wanted to give our recommendations. 

Are you thinking of starting a new career in children’s yoga and wondering which one to choose?

We’ve saved you some time and put together a list to help with your research.

Below are some of the best yoga training companies in the UK (in no particular order).

Let us know your thoughts. 

Yoga Bananas

The Yoga Bananas® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course is the original and creative children’s yoga training provider, combining yoga asana with physical theatre and storytelling. Founded in 2000, it offers a comprehensive and innovative system of teaching children’s yoga that certifies you to teach whilst sending you out bursting at the seams with creativity and fully confident to embrace your new career. All the material is unique and constantly evolving and taught in small groups by creator and founder, Skip Oliver. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The course is led by Jaime from Cosmic Kids, so you’ll learn kids yoga first hand from one of the world’s best-loved kids yoga teachers. Jaime created Cosmic Kids Yoga in 2012 and through her fantastic training will talk you through the secret of delivering great kids yoga – how to perform a story so that kids stay engaged and get the full benefit from doing your classes. Once you’ve finished the training to the required standard, you’ll receive full certification to be able to teach kids yoga professionally – in schools, pre-schools, private settings, or wherever you’d like to do it.


YogaBeez is a leading provider of children’s yoga and mindfulness, offering accredited teacher training courses, classes and workshops. Since 2005, their unique method has incorporated the core values and teachings of traditional yoga and mindfulness couple with Montessori philosophy to educate, empower and exercise the WHOLE child. The classes are designed to stimulate and nourish physical, emotional, social, intellectual and wellbeing. They run an in-person 4 day Foundation childrens yoga teacher training which is suitable for yoga teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, parents, therapists or anyone working or living with children who practices yoga. The course will provide you with tools, techniques, ideas and confidence to share yoga and mindfulness and all its benefits with children aged 2 – 12 years.

Special Yoga

Created by Jo Manuel in 2002, Special Yoga combines body, breath and mindfulness practices that benefit the practitioner first; calm caregivers create the foundations for calm children, teens and adults with additional needs. Designed to educate and support anyone caring for children with additional needs. You will learn about a variety of conditions and the remedial techniques and adaptations for each. Special Yoga will teach you how and when practices can be adapted for different situations and populations.

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Started in 2007, Rainbow Yoga makes yoga fun for children and young people of all age groups and for the whole family too! Rainbow Kids Yoga offers a comprehensive, practical, and engaging course that will enable you to deliver fun and engaging yoga classes. Founded by Gopala, and Angel Yaffa, Rainbow Yoga offers a variety of unique and comprehensive teacher training certification courses all over the world offering a well-rounded, in-depth learning experience through a combination of play, practical theory, and fun.

How to choose the right training for you:

Visit each we sit and get a sense and feel for the company

Are you drawn to a particular one?

Do your values align more to one?

Make a list of what you would like to do as a yoga teacher?

Do they offer the services and resources and support you need?

Create a vision board and visualise yourself working for each company and see which one sticks to your soul.

Good luck on your yoga teaching career!