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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Teaching creativity to Children 

”Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein

Theres no doubting that Albert Einstein was a genius. He knew that teaching creativity to children is vital to their emotional development, as well as their academic development.

Simply reciting learned facts and memorised sums might temporarily help children pass tests, but it will not help them develop their own learning style and creativity. Children need to have their imaginations stimulated regularly in order to grow. The imagination is like a muscle that needs to be worked out regularly!

Imagination gives birth to new ideas, creative problem solving and reasoning, and creative thinking, skills which are important for children’s ongoing academic success and helping them develop a life-long love of learning.

So how can I help stimulate my child’s imagination?

Read to your child. The Relax Kids Aladdin’s Magic Carpet book https://relaxkids.com/product/aladdins-magic-carpet/ contains 52 fairytales transformed into meditations. These stories ask your child to imagine they Aladdin on his magic carpet, or Jack climbing up the Beanstalk. Each story will help your child develop their imagination, while introducing them to simple relaxation techniques.

 Creative Writing! Writing helps children simultaneously develop language skills and broaden their imaginations. Why not have a go at writing with your children? Haikus are very simple, three-line poems.