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Teaching children happiness

Teaching children happiness

Experts now believe that happiness and positivity is a skill that should be taught in school as it helps pupils become more balanced, sharing and caring citizens.

Happiness and positivity also helps young people work harder and commit less crime. 
So, how can we teach happiness to our children?
Here are some Happiness Tips to work on with your children at home or in the classroom.

Make WOW cards – Wishing Others Well cards. Children can decorate them and hand them out to their friends. This encourages team work, appreciation and support rather than envy and jealousy. 

Virtue List – Get children to list all their qualities and virtues and what they love about themselves. This helps them to start appreciating themselves.

Thank you List – Encourage children to write a list of everything they are grateful and thankful for. The more they appreciate the good things in their lives, the more they can start to feel happy.

Goals – Encourage children to make little goals and treat themselves when they have achieved them.

Praise – Remind children how brilliant they are. Notice every little thing and keep praising them.

Exercise and Nature – Spend as much time in nature and outdoors, running and skipping and getting the endorphins racing round their bodies.

Relax – Listen to Relax Kids CDs together. Children can imagine they are in different worlds, floating on carpets and clouds. This can bring a feeling of happiness and calm.

Have you tried any of these? 
What other activities have you tried that work?
How can we work together to help our children feel more happier?

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