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Silence Please!

Encouraging children to enjoy a moments quiet

Silence for many of us is terrifying and even just a few moments of silence on the radio or TV can seem to last much longer. We are so used to filling up every gap of silence either with the sound of the radio, music or TV.

Here are some tips to bring more silence into your life.

1. Turn off background noise for a while (TV, radio and music) and just enjoy being with your own thoughts

2 Get up a few minutes earlier, sit up in bed or on the sofa and spend a few moments quiet. You can use the moments to plan the day, practice being grateful for everything in your life or just being mindful and silent.

3.  Set up a time of the day to practice 15 mins meditation or sitting in silence. If you need some assistance, you could try a relaxation CD such as the Relax Kids Nature CD or simply be aware of your body and your feelings. https://relaxkids.com/product/nature/

4.  Go out and spend a few moments in nature. Wrap up warm if it is cold and just enjoy being quiet and listening to the sounds around you.