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Rainy Day Activities

Fun things to do, should it be wet and horrible

In January, the weather is anything but predictable! Here are a few fun things to do today, should it be wet and horrible!!

1. Bake cookies or decorate pizzas for dinner together as a family.

2. Make a tent in the living room out of sheets and toys!

3. Make sock puppets and put on a show!

4. Have a tea party picnic in the lounge.

5. Dress up as one another – always a giggle!

6. Build a huge puzzle together.

7. Play hide and seek.

8. Read stories to one another.

9. Get out your umbrella and go for a walk!

10. Have some relaxation time with one of your favourite Relax Kids CDs. https://relaxkids.com/product/nature/ may be nice as it brings the outside in!