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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

One Mums Experience

Read one mums experience of using the Relax Kids Books and CDs after escaping an abusive relationship

During Lockdown my 4 year old daughter and I were both having severe nightmares. My little girls night terrors were awful. Her attachment to me was so severe and her PTSD meant that she could not bear me being alone downstairs. Her teacher had bought her a worry monster. Reading her worries made me weep. 

I worry that my Daddy will hurt MummyA bad man will take Mummy away.

The bed time routine had become so stressful that we would both be in tears as she would beg me to 

Take the bad thing away. Make the bad dreams stop. I am scared of the monsters and daddy.

I ordered the Relax Kids Books and CDs.

For weeks she had cried and screamed in her sleep. The first night that we read the Relax Kids visualisations she went to sleep calmly after the second story. A week later and it was still working. We both slept so much better and this is where our recovery truly began. Steadily her nightmares decreased and I now have my little girl back who loves bedtime and we enjoy so many Relax Kids Magical Adventures together.  Of course, PTSD never fully goes away but at five years old she is able to self-regulate, to control her breathing and to re-focus herself when the bad dreams come. 

This is the true Magic of Relax Kids and I was desperate to share it with others.

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