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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Minimise stress and anxiety and improve learning skills  

Using relaxation to help children with disabilities 

Relax Kids classes and products have been used successfully to help many children and adults with a variety of special needs and disabilities, including ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorder.

Studies have shown that relaxation training is the most effective treatment for internalising and externalising behaviours, including Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, and behavioural and aggression problems. *

Our classes and products incorporate relaxation techniques that can be used to help minimise the amount of distress experienced as a result of a disability or special need. Including, breathing techniques, sensory games, massage, and visualisation.

Here is Georgina Derbyshire’s story:

‘My 9 year old son, Bobby, was diagnosed with Autism when he was five. Sometimes, the stress and anxiety that Bobby experiences can build up over the days and weeks, and cause him to lose any self-esteem, become angry and aggressive or slide into a depression. But a few years ago, having heard about Relax Kids from a friend (who also has a son with Autism), I began to use the products to support my son with his various issues.

I began to give my son one of the https://relaxkids.com/store/product-category/affirmation-cards/ each week to boost his confidence and esteem. Whenever he began to suffer with negative feelings at school, he then referred to his mood card and became courageous like a lion; for example. The <https://relaxkids.com/product/star-stickers/ , which we use as rewards, are placed anywhere from charts to books or even on his jumper!

It is, however, the https://relaxkids.com/store/product-category/cds/ that we are unable to live without and we have a variety which can be used according to the situation.”