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Laugh your way to relaxation

There is no doubt that laughter is a wonderful thing! Research has shown that laughter is good for our immune system and pain management. The best thing about it is that it is free!

Benefits of Laughter:

Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. It also increases hormones such as endorphins as well as increases the number of antibody-producing cells. This builds our immune system and helps us manage stress. Laughter is enjoyable and helps us see the funny side of life, keeps us young and positive.

Laughter also gives the diaphragm, stomach a good work out. A good giggle can even give the heart a workout.

Laughter is a great emotional release and can be a great distraction from anger or stress.

Laughter is a social activity that brings you closer to others, particularly when they are your family.

  1. Watch your favourite family film or programme and have a good laugh together.
  2. Play some family games and enjoy each others company.
  3. Share your favourite jokes together.
  4. Tickling is a great way to get children laughing.
  5. Just Laugh. You can get all the benefits of laughter by faking laughter. Just sit together and laugh and giggle.
    It is hard to start with but once you get the bug, you wont be able to stop.

Please pass this on to someone who might enjoy a good giggle.