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Ideas for half term

Half term is here and we have some wonderful ideas for you to enjoy it to the full.

Here are some tips for your break whatever the weather.

Themed walks Complete a ‘colour palette walk’ and note down the shades and tones you spot.  A ‘Fruits of the Forest’ walk would allow the collecting of nuts, pine cones and other special gifts from nature. You could even plan a ‘Treasure Hunt’ where you could create a route together with your child and have a gift set up at the finish line for reaching your final destination! Get those wellies on and embrace the fresh air!

Half Term Journal Try and see how many different types of leaves you can find. These can then be taken home and pressed into a lovely autumnal scrapbook to which all the family can contribute. Write poems and stories inspired by the break.

Paint Reds, oranges, greens and browns. Now is the time to make a note of all those beautiful shades and what better a way than to get artistic. You could design whismical posters by using leaves to create parts of other images e.g for the scales on a fish!

Observe and Learn We all know that the weather in the UK can be somewhat variable to say the least! Why not take a closer look and make note of what you see. This diary can be an ongoing project that can be used throughout the year and your little one will be able to learn from first hand experience about how and why seasons happen.

Warm picnics Pack a basket full of your favourite foods and set out a blanket in your lounge. This way, you can experience the fun of dining together without worry of sitting on damp grass!

Forest sculptures Try and construct your own statue using things found from mother nature.

Plant something Give something back to nature, whether it is something you have found on one of your half term adventures or the seeds from your Halloween pumpkin. Remember to thank the great outdoors for the fun it has provided you with over this break.

Winding Down Our Nature Meditations CD is a great way to finish off those busy days and relax your children and yet preserve their encounter with the great outdoors, in a productive, comforting way.