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How To Change Negative Thoughts and Feelings into Positive Ones

We all experience good and bad days, no matter who we are, we are all prone to those mornings where we wake up in a bad mood, not ready to face the day. Sometimes it can feel like a bird tapping and pecking away in your brain, each peck is another negative thought, filling your head with negativity and bad feelings. This can make it feel as if your head may explode.

Daisy wrote us a letter saying: ‘when I have to do something I really don’t want to do – like going to school or doing homework, or being asked to do something when I already have been asked, I get really frustrated straight away. I become yucky with my family and I just can’t think positively about anything when I feel like this. Please can you give me some ideas to help me in these situations?’

Luckily Marneta has a solution for this!

Marneta says when we have lots of negative thoughts, we have to be like a ninja warrior, using special ninja breathing to stop all these negative thoughts. She says we need to use a big ‘HUH’ breath, like a ninja would, five times. We can also use the ninja chops too. Carry on with another five ‘HUH’ breaths, you can even use affirmations with each breath, saying ‘I am great, I am confident’.

This will help you fight away the bird pecking in your head – you’ll feel a heat in your belly and feel the positive ninja energy. Each breath can be like building a forcefield up to fight away the bad thoughts.

Marneta also told us the story about two seeds in the ground during winter. One seed was saying how they couldn’t wait to grow up strong and powerful, feeling the warmth of the sun on their leaves, being excited to flourish into a beautiful flower. All while the second seed felt scared about what could happen next, ‘what if someone picks my petals’, fearing the worst! At the end of it, the seed who was full of positivity blossomed into a beautiful sunflower, all while the sad seed got left behind because they didn’t allow themselves to grow.

This story tells us to let ourselves grow and that it is fine to make a mistake on the way, there is nothing wrong with it. Pick yourself up and learn from what happened, this is how you grow into a strong and brilliant person.

This leaves us with the question, are you going to choose to be positive or negative today?