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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Helping pupils manage the stress of SATs

SATs week is upon us, and many students (and parents!) are feeling stressed.

Many children will feel be feeling the pressure to perform leaving them more anxious and unable to focus.

In the run up to SATs it is important to manage the overwhelmed, scattered thoughts and worries with some positive reminders and a solid relaxation and mindful practice.

Simple brain breaks and relaxing moments can help pupils manage the many thoughts buzzing around during exam season. Mindfulness exercises teach kids they can set aside thoughts and return to them later. A restful mind won’t forget what it’s learned!

Studies show mindfulness significantly improves concentration in children. Many schools have already incorporated mindfulness, and some politicians support including it in the national curriculum.

To help students de-stress for exams, Relax Kids created a FREE SATS survival pack of exercises and an album with 8 mindfulness exercises. The MP3 tracks can be played before revision, bedtime, or on the way to school.


Purchase the Stressbusters album here: https://relaxkids.com/product/stressbusters/

FREE Wellbeing resources for parents & teachers: