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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Helping Children Manage Anxiety

Find ways children can manage their anxiety…

A lot of children find themselves feeling anxious about different things, many of these worries are a normal part of growing up.

From a young age, it’s common for children to experience separation anxiety, where they become attached to their parents and get upset when they’re separated from them. This is a normal stage in a children’s development and is something that tends to ease off when they grow older.

It’s also normal for young children to develop fears and phobias, these can be anything from a specific animal to the dark. Throughout childhood, it’s common for children to feel anxious around starting a new school or class, or when they have tests and exams. Some may also feel shy in social situations.

All of these feelings are most definitely normal, but children may not understand that at from such a young age, they may not know why they are feeling that way and that can only make them worry more. Some children may not know how to handle their inner feelings, which again might lead to making the situation worse.

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