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Help teens with exam stress

Simple ideas to help them feel calm

Exam time is fast approaching and children are feeling more and more pressure and stress.

The https://relaxkids.com/product/stressbusters/ album is available to download and helps teens manage their stress around exam time. Here are some simple ideas to help your child feel relaxed and calm in time for their exams.

1 Happy Place – Ask your child to close their eyes and imagine they are in their happy place. Let them stay there for a few moments.

2  Massage – A few minutes head or shoulder massage will do wonders for stress levels.

3 Breathe – Ask them to take deep breathes – in through the nose and out slowly through the mouth.

4 Write – Encourage your child to write a journal or diary and so they can identify their thoughts and feelings.

5 Exercise – Let them to take a break – go for a walk or bike ride or swim

6 Hug – Having a hug is a great healer and will make them feel safe and secure.

7 Rest – Make sure they get plenty of sleep especially before the exam.