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Help!  my child won’t go to sleep

Tips to help get your child to sleep

I was talking to a distressed mother. Her 5 year old has terrible trouble sleeping at night. With the support of some of our wonderful friends on Facebook, I have put together some quick tips to help parents who struggle getting their children to sleep.

  1. Reduce their sugar content especially in the late afternoon and early evening.
  2. Turn off the TV, computers and electronic games at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  3. Develop a regular relaxation routine which you stick to.
  4. Have a lavender bath half an hour before bedtime.
  5. Give them a massage.  You could try drawing specs gently on their face Рaround the eyes, eyebrows, over the nose and around the back of the ears.  You could also try circling their palm with your thumb.
  6. You could say that they will have a surprise waiting for them when they wake up or have a sticker chart and give them a sticker next morning.
  7. Read magical stories which encourage their imagination as well as put on a Relax Kids CD such as Superheroes or Princesses CD.

If you have any other suggestions, please do feel free to add them.