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Have a safe Bonfire Night!

Activities and advice for your November 5th celebrations

I am sure that you will all be out celebrating from tomorrow onwards so lets make the most out of Bonfire Evening!

Dress up for the occasion –  it’s getting rather chilly outside, so ensure that you wrap up well. Scarves, gloves and thick coats are essential so that you stay warm away from the Bonfire.

If you are going to an event, then it should be clearly marked where you can stand, so that you are not near where the fireworks are being set off. The same works for at home. Clearly take note of the instructions set on the fireworks boxes.

Don’t forget your Thermos – Get some lovely hot chocolate organised for everyone. Don’t forget your plastic cups and mugs: they are safer. If you drop them in the dark then they won’t smash everywhere and cause a hazard.

Build the Guy – You can all work together as a family to build a Guy to take to your local bonfire evening, using old clothes, newspapers and the like. Whilst there, you may find more items of clothes that you no longer use: why not donate these to charity?

Be eco friendly – Do not burn household waste as it can produce dangerous fumes. Also, did you know; the closer you can build your Bonfire to lighting, the better (as it reduces the risk to animals!)

Fireworks Art  – If you are staying in, create your own fireworks show! Put sheets of black sugar paper down and flick coloured paints all over them. Then just add glitter! (if you add PVA glue to the paint, it will help the glitter stick even better).

Yummy Treats – why not cut some bananas in half and place chocolate in the middle? Then, wrap in foil and warm in the embers! Make sure that a parent is the one handling the cooking!

Bring a Mug and a firework –  you could ask all your family and friends to bring a mug. Simply make a bowl of soup and light a fire in the garden, its a great inexpensive way to have some family fun!