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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Featured Coach – Tracey Bedford-King

Here is Relax Kids coach Tracey Bedford-King sharing her story. Tracey has recently set up a Chill and Chat cafe with a Relax Kids space for children to relax in.

‘As a child I had very little confidence or self-esteem. I was bullied most days at school and didn’t have a great childhood. As an adult I was emotionally abused by my husband and felt I had very little worth. Eventually I made some changes in my life and ended my marriage. I still struggled with alcohol addiction but eventually overcame this through supportive friends.

I wanted to do something more positive. I had begun working with children with special needs and felt like there was something more that I needed to do. I searched the internet for ways to help relax children and came across Relax Kids. I couldn’t afford to do the course but desperately wanted to do it, and within a few weeks I received the exact amount that I needed for the course from the government which was apparently owed to me as they’d been underpaying my benefits for a long time!

Training as a Relax Kids coach slowly began to give me more confidence and build my self-esteem to the point where I was taking on roles in the community which I previously felt that I wasn’t worthy of or capable of.

I started a Bachelor degree in special needs which I have since graduated from and I have set up a community cafe called Chill and Chat cafe where other people can get experience and confidence.

Now, I have decided to stand as a councillor candidate in my local area as I want to be able to help more people to live better lives.

If it wasn’t for becoming a Relax Kids coach, I don’t think I would have grown in confidence as I have done, and I really don’t think that I’d be doing all the work that I am doing in my community.

Tracey Bedford-King