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Encouraging children to make friends

Investing in the bank of love and friendship

Here is a simple and wonderful way to encourage children to build friendships and good relationships. Explain to your child that we all have a love and friendship bank inside. When they show love and affection or time and energy towards their friend, they are depositing in the bank account of that friendship. When they are not talking or saying unkind words they are making a withdrawal. Tell children that when we have good balances, it shows on our face and we are happy. When we have negative balances, we are more likely to be angry and sad.

Once we get into debt with a friend, it can cause lots of sadness and hurt. The best way is to start depositing. Here are ways children can make an investment or deposit:

Share a joke

Spend time


Laugh together

Bring flowers

Make a gift

Buy a gift

Go for a walk

Enjoy an activity



Sing together

Play together

Thinking about someone

Here are ways we can make a withdrawal and get into debt:

Be selfish

Say something unkind



Be sarcastic

Not talking

Pull a face

Say a spiteful joke

Fight and hit



Ignoring someone

Be uncaring

Be unthoughtful

Here is a great CD https://relaxkids.com/product/elevator-of-happiness/  to encourage positive thinking, love and feelings of friendship