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Does a quiet classroom boost learning?

Recent studies have shown that children learn better in a quieter, calmer classroom.

Dr Helen Lees from Stirling University’s School of Education has written a book Silence in Schools.  In it she talks about how silence and stillness and keeping noise to a minimum can enhance pupil’s learning, concentration and behaviour.

A study carried out by South Bank University and the Institute of Education in London found that childrens exam results were cut by as much as a third if they taught in noisy classrooms.

At Relax Kids we are delighted to hear about this new research and it proves even further the power of peace and quiet brought on by moments of relaxation and meditation.  It is becoming more and more vital for pupils of all ages to adopt periods of quiet contemplation and reflection.

Would you like to bring a few moments of quiet to your classroom?

Try a minute of quiet at registration or assembly.  Pupils (and even adults) may feel uncomfortable at first as silence is often unchartered territory.  However with time, they can learn to appreciate and enjoy the moment.  The quiet time can be used to let their minds drift and wander.  This is deeply relaxing and restorative as it allows them a few moment of time out from the busyness and noise.

Alternatively, if they need something to focus on, they could repeat the words ‘I am calm’ ‘I am peaceful’ ‘I am quiet’

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