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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Do You know which are the BEST Children’s massage training providers in the UK?

This is something that people often ask us and so we wanted to give our recommendations. 

Massage for children is so good to help calm their nervous systems down. Massage is one of the popular of the 7 steps in our Relax Kids classes. 

Are you thinking of starting a new career in children’s massage (or add to your skills) and wondering which one to choose?

We’ve saved you some time and put together a list to help with your research.

Below are some of the best massage training companies in the UK (in no particular order).

Let us know your thoughts. 

Massage in Schools

The two-day interactive instructor’s training course or equivalent online course will give you valuable tools to help children to learn. The MISP uses the body’s natural relaxation and cognitive processes to help children become engaged in the learning process.

You will receive a detailed manual and resources to support their work.  The trainer provides on-going support. 


Story Massage

The Story Massage Programme combines the benefits of positive touch with the fun and creativity of words – whether as story, rhyme  or song.  Story Massage sessions can be shared as a child to child or parent to child activity or with adults. It is popular in a variety of settings including schools, special schools, care homes, after-school clubs, family centres, hospices and of course, the family home. 

Baby Massage Training

Baby massage is all about communication. In a baby massage class, parents are enabled to observe and understand their infants cues. The class provides space and time when both parent and baby can themselves experience a relaxed and secure environment. This is a  4 day professional baby massage instructor training course available to anyone interested in supporting families, including healthcare professionals, child support workers, complementary therapists and parents.

Baby and Beyond

Infant massage provides early positive interaction through bonding, fun, trust and relief whilst incorporating nurturing touch, massage and reflexology. It is very gentle strokes on a baby’s skin with its main aim to support attachment and bonding. It also incorporates some gentle movements as well.

This training course is designed to provide practitioners with the knowledge and teaching ability to safely and effectively deliver infant/baby massage sessions and courses to parents and babies within a variety of individual and group settings.


It is important that you find the course most suitable for your needs.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right training for you.


Visit each we sit and get a sense and feel for the company


Are you drawn to a particular one?


Do your values align more to one?


Make a list of what you would like to do as a yoga teacher?


Do they offer the services and resources and support you need?


Create a vision board and visualise yourself working for each company and see which one sticks to your soul.

We hope this gives you a good idea of the courses on offer. 

Good luck on your new massage instructor career!