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Happy Halloween!

Children love Halloween, and with so much fun to be had they are likely to tire themselves out with all the excitement of the day! If children need a moment to chill out and relax before putting on their masks, pumpkin craving, apple bobbing or more Halloween fun, here are some brilliant exercises to help children feel fang-tastic!

The Mummy

Ask everyone to lie down on the floor, totally still and quiet. You could wrap toilet rolls around your body for extra fun and frolics! If the children are older, they may like to count and each count represents the number of years that they have been lying still for. The aim is to get the children to be as calm as possible with the hope they then drop off to sleep!

The Black Cat

This lovely relaxing massage technique that will send your child into a peaceful state. Ask your child to lie on their tummy and then stroke their back in long firm strokes as if you were stroking cat. On the out breath they may make a soft noise if they wish.

Mind Reading

Our RK kids love this game! Tell your little one that they will be taking on the role of a Wizard and ask them to see if they can read your mind. Choose a topic together of either LOVE, PEACE or HAPPINESS and then spend a few minutes thinking of something which relates to your selected topic. Look into your child’s eyes and let them see if they can work out what you are thinking. You’ll be surprised as to how well this works!

Relax Kids MP3 Download

If your child loves Harry Potter, then this is the album for him/her! This downloadable album is filled with enchanted stories turned into guided-meditations for children who love magic! Examples include magic unicorn, magical wand, invisible cloak. This album teaches simple breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and imaginative visualisation. Play these tracks to your child to help them relax and develop their imagination.

Download the Wizard’ album here – https://relaxkids.com/product/wizards/