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Creativity at Christmas

Develop your child’s imagination and write your own Christmas story

With time off over Christmas, the holidays can be a great time to help develop your child’s imagination. With a visit from Santa just around the corner and a sense of magic in the air, children will already be brimming with excitement and wonder. Why not harness that creativity by writing a Christmas story together?

This activity will develop your child’s language skills and creative skills, help them learn to to think on the spot, as well as bringing you closer together in a fun Christmas activity!

Tell a Christmas Story

This game can be played by as many people as you like. The story begins with one person making up the first line of a story (tell the story out loud!), e.g. This morning, Sally woke up very early and was surprised to find…

The next person adds another line to the story, one of Santa’s elves standing at the bottom of his bed. The elf said to Sally…

The next person adds a line to the story, or if there are only two of you, it goes back to the first person, you’ve come all the way from the North Pole to find you Sally, Santa needs your help!Sally jumped out of bed quickly as she could, and…

This game can be played with as many or few people as you want and will help inspire children’s imaginations. Don’t worry if the story gets a bit silly. Let children go wild with their imaginations and see where the story ends up!

Put your child into their own Christmas Story

Enter a few simple details like your child’s first name and age, and what they have been good this year (helpful at home, eating all their vegetables, etc.) and is if by magic, you will have your very own personalised Christmas Story Book.

Within the story, your child will experience a magical ride on Santa’s sleigh, receive a special gift from Santa, and learn how Santa and his elves relax in order to prepare for a busy Christmas Eve!

The Christmas Story Book is free to make and will give your child a wonderful surprise, as well as teaching them valuable lessons about Christmas.