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Wellbeing resources and training to support anxious children and their families

đź’śCongratulations to our featured coach – Joanne Callanđź’ś

Name: Joanne Callan 
Area – South Armagh/Newry.  

How I Found Relax Kids – I think it was through a Book in a holistic shop called Angel Times in Limerick.  I recently found a journal from 2009 and one of my intentions for that year was to do Relax Kids Training, things changed a lot for me that year and I didn’t actually take the Training until 2012, I travelled to Manchester and had the most amazing experience training with Marneta. Some beautiful and synchronistic opportunities arose from there and my local community were very supportive of my Relax Kids vision.  

Greatest Achievement – In 2014 I became the  Trainer in Ireland and over the next few years I also did Baby Mindful & Charge Up Training. I have trained over 400 Coaches & Teachers and in the 2021/22 School Year was delivering sessions to over 1000 Children per week.  My largest sessions was for International Day of Happiness in 2017 we had over 300 Children and my smallest class has been with just 2 children, the magic of Relax Kids is the adaptability. I also organised a Relax Kids event in Stormont – Parliament  Building’s Belfast. These have all been amazing experiences and I also feel that the greatest achievement in when a child shares their experience and how simple fun practices have empowered them in a challenging situation. 

What do I love about being a coach – Everything! Knowing I am doing what I can to make a difference for future generations and being part of the Relax Kids Community of like minded coaches and head office team who are passionate about the same things that I am. 

How has it helped me as a person.  Living the 7 Steps is the key to life.  Relax Kids has enhanced my life so much, I get to spend me day doing something I am passionate about and I have met the most incredible people over the past 10 years some who I consider my closest friends.