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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Confidence boosters for kids

These 10 confidence tips can help you recognise and remember your strengths.

Here are some confidence boosters to keep you motivated and happy this season. You might like to try out some with you family.

1. Stand Tall – As you walk down the street, remember to stand tall and take in a deep breath. Imagine you are breathing in confidence!

2. Smile – Even if it is the last thing you feel like doing, keep smiling. Try and look for little things to smile about, smile at strangers. Just the act of smiling releases endorphins into your bloodstream.

3. Compliments – Every time someone pays you a compliment, accept it graciously and really own that compliment rather than disregard or laugh it off.

4. Diary – Keep a diary and try to note down all all your successes. Celebrate and reward your successes!

5. Friends – Surround yourself with positive and confident people who make you feel good about yourself. Do activities that encourage you to get out in nature and exercise. You might like create a ‘dream team’ – a group of people who support and motivate you and share your dreams and wishes. Share your ideas and dreams and make steps to make these into a reality.

6. Mirror – Look into a mirror and say ‘I love you’ Remind yourself of what makes you special. This is a hard one to start with, but will get easier with time.

7. Achievements – Make a book of your achievements, talents and qualities. List all your successes and things that you are proud of. List all the things that makes you the special person that you are and include all the things that you have done to others and how you have made others happy. You might like to put them in a book and refer to it when you are feeling low.

8. Talk – As much as possible talk to yourself in a kind and positive way. If you notice you talk to yourself in a negative way with put downs, try to stop and change it immediately.

9. Affirmations – Each day, repeat one positive statement or affirmation. You might say ‘I am positive and everything that happens is good’ or ‘I am special and I make a difference’ You might even like to theme your day as a positive, happy, confident, joyful or special day and do things that make you feel that way.

10. Visualise – Close your eyes and imagine you are standing in front of a mirror. See yourself standing tall, smiling and looking great. Notice how you feel. Let the positive and confident feelings wash all over you.