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Christmas gratitude meditation for children

Teach children about gratitude this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to teach children about positive values. With all the presents and lovely treats at Christmas time, it is important for children to realise how lucky they are and feel grateful for all the amazing things in their life.

Try this simple meditation at home with your child:

Close your eyes and be very still. Take in a deep breath and breathe all the way out. Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly.

Now think of all the things in your life that you are grateful for. Think about having a home to keep you warm and safe, having people in your life that love you. Think about how lucky you are to have good food. Spend some time saying thank you quietly in your mind.

Now think about all your possessions and how lucky you are to have clean clothes and toys. Think about your favourite toy and feel so grateful and lucky.

Now, think about your friends and people that you laugh and play with. Feel yourself smiling inside as you think about your friends and how lucky you are to have special friends.

Spend a few moments thinking about all the special adventures and experiences that you have had recently. Where have you been that was special. What did you do that made you feel happy inside. Stay still and really appreciate how lucky you are to have these experiences.

As you sit there quietly, feel very calm and appreciative. Feel a warm feeling of gratitude surround you like a blanket. Continue to breathe in and out gently as you feel grateful and happy.

See how long you can keep this feeling for.