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Be Kind

What is stopping us being kind everyday…

Today is World Kindness day, a day where we promote and celebrate acts of kindness. Whilst this is all well and good, but why should we just dedicate one day, why shouldn’t every day be World Kindness Day?

The benefits of kindness are endless, not only does the person on the receiving end profit from it, but the person who is sharing it can also feel a sense of joy.

Being kind to others gives you a healthier heart and a happier mind. It also decreases negative aspects of life such as anxiety, depression and stress.

And how difficult is it to be kind? It doesn’t take a lot to smile at someone, let a car out in traffic, or give somebody a meaningful compliment. This small act may well make that person’s day and inspire them to do the same as you did. That knock on effect could mean everyone spreading kindness across the globe.

Does anybody have a viable excuse not to be kind? We have our bad days, but there is no need to bring others into it. In fact, doing a positive thing for someone else may actually make us feel better.

So instead of celebrating kindness for just one day, let’s spread kindness every single day of our lives!