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When I was little, in the 70s, I loved the Flip Flap MisFit books. 

A few months ago I was playing around with words and papers and came up with the idea to write a NEW BOOK that helps make positive affirmations more EXCITIFUL and MARVELSOME!

I did have lots of fun. I tried it out on my neighbour’s daughter and she loved it. I knew it would be a winner!

AFFIRMIXATIONS is a new Relax Kids book where children can now make up their own POSITACULAR and SPECMARKABLE  affirmation words with this UNITASTIC flip flap book.

This INTERESTIC book will create endless interactive fun book as children create their own FANTABULOUS vocabulary and make up new affirmations for themselves and each other.

This FABFUL split page, spiral bound book is a valuable tool kit for any classroom or home as it allows the reader to develop their imagination, have fun with SUPERCHANTING words and language and build their sense of self-worth and confidence as they experiment with different combinations of new words. 

Order your copy here today!

Have a magical day